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‘Darting’ or ‘pacing’? Words to describe ‘moving/walking quickly’

Dash: moving in a hurry, probably because the person is in a hurry or needs to do something urgently. I dashed to the shop before it closed. Dart: suddenly moving quickly. I saw a man darting behind the bushes. Stride: walking quickly with big steps, appearing to have a purpose. She strode up to his … Continue reading

Describing the sickeningly sweet

‘Drop’ and ‘plunge’ and ‘nosedive’: words to describe falling temperatures

How would you describe a sudden fall in temperature? Here are some words that might help: Plummet Temperature in the region plummets as polar storm sets in. Drop Temperature drops to minus 36 in Toronto. Nosedive Residents woke up to brutal cold after temperature in this region nosedived overnight. Dip Arctic blasts causes temperatures to … Continue reading

12 words to describe something scary/shockingly frightening

spooky creepy eerie bloodcurdling spine-chilling spine-tingling stomach-churning hair-raising bone-chilling gut-twisting gory (specifically used for something that is bloody) horrific ghastly (used mostly for appearances) ghoulish (a ghoul, in stories, is an evil spirit that open graves and eats the dead bodies in them. This word can be used disapprovingly for a person who takes a … Continue reading

words to describe smells

Words to describe pleasant smells: scented (especially from flowers, plants, or fruits, artificially scented candles, or essence oil) aromatic (especially from food or coffee) fragrant sweet-smelling For unpleasant smells: smelly stinking (especially from decaying objects, like fish) musty (especially books, rooms, or clothes; old and not fresh; especially because they have not been used or … Continue reading

Are you ‘wailing’ or ‘bawling’ or ‘sniffling’? Synonyms for ‘crying.’

To sob means to cry noisily, taking sudden, sharp breaths. To wail means to cry in a loud high voice. To whimper means to cry making low, weak noises. To weep means to cry quietly for a long time. To bawl means to cry loudly, especially used for young children and for people for whom … Continue reading

words to describe an angry meeting/argument

angry I woke up to the angry voices of my parents arguing in their room. furious The minister’s comment provoked furious arguments among members of the opposition party in the parliament. stormy After a long and sometimes stormy discussion, the board finally made a decision. heated The gun control issue continues to be the subject … Continue reading

words to express anger

To mean ‘a little angry’: I. Words to express anger: mad (+at/+about) Our new teacher got mad when she realized that none of us have finished our homework. Little Robin was mad at his mother for being put to bed when his other siblings were still playing. I don’t know what he is mad about. … Continue reading

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