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working for peanuts: idioms to talk about low pay and lack of money

Expressions for low pay: A measly pay A meager salary A paltry wage Working for peanuts Working for chicken feed Idioms for not having enough money: Be short of I was short of money, so I had to borrow some from George.  Strapped for cash He sold the painting at an auction when he was strapped for … Continue reading

‘blow over’ or ‘blow up’?

Blow over means to go away without having a serious effect. Blow up means to start suddenly and with force (as if to explode).   EXAMPLE: I listened to their arguments and wondered if their fight will blow up or blow over.

Are you ‘under a cloud’ or ‘on cloud nine’?

When you are under a cloud, you are suspected of something. Example: Someone stole money from the cash box and now everyone is under a cloud of suspicion. Even the manager is under the cloud. If you are on cloud nine, you are very happy. Example: Susan is on cloud nine these days; she just … Continue reading

An ‘armchair quarterback’

An armchair quarterback is someone who offers advice or an opinion on something in which they have no expertize or involvement. An armchair general  is a person who sits in a chair behind a computer and leads people or at least attempts to, instead of doing something themselves. Such a person usually complains about government, organization, … Continue reading

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