This blog is on practical English usage. It’s primarily a collection of posts on grammar and vocabulary related usages, including a section on newly coined words in current usage and another on responses to common social functions. So if you’re an intermediate or advanced learner of English and wondering if you should use fictional or fictitious, or when to use in front of  and when to use opposite, take a look at the ‘Grammar‘ section. If you’re a non-native speaker and find yourself in loss of words while responding to a compliment or a joke, browse through the posts in the ‘How to…’ section. Not sure what troll, staycation, blamestorming or cloudsourcing means? Check the ‘Words: Just Minted’ section.



  • correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.
  • formatting and citations (MLA, APA, CMS).
  • rewriting sentences for better clarity and eliminating ineffective parts of text.

[ academic essays, assignments, reports, research papers, articles , doctoral dissertations, bibliographies, business letters ]

Details …

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