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mortar and pestle

  This club-shaped implement to pound or grind substances in a mortar is called a pestle. The vessel that you see here, in which things to be pounded are put, is called a mortar. For Indian/South Asian readers of this post, you may be familiar with stone pestle and mortar (as in the image below) … Continue reading


Look at the glasses that Anton Chekov is wearing:     This is a pince-nez, or glasses that are supported without earpieces, by pinching the bridge of the nose. Ouch! Must be painful!  

corn silk

  Those silky things at the head of the corn is called ‘silk.’


    Do you see that elongated metal cap on the top of the umbrella, holding the ribs together? That’s called a ‘ferrule.’ Here’s how the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines it: ‘a piece of metal or rubber that covers the end of an umbrella or a stick to protect it.’

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