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‘Darting’ or ‘pacing’? Words to describe ‘moving/walking quickly’

Dash: moving in a hurry, probably because the person is in a hurry or needs to do something urgently.

I dashed to the shop before it closed.

Dart: suddenly moving quickly.

I saw a man darting behind the bushes.

Stride: walking quickly with big steps, appearing to have a purpose.

She strode up to his desk, picked up the paper and tore it to pieces.

Pace: repeatedly walk to one direction and then back again, usually indicating that the person is worrying or is anxious.

The nervous father-to-be paced up and down the corridor, waiting for the doctor to call.

If someone charges into/around/up/down, they are moving quickly, without care.

He charged into the crowd and tried to stop the men by holding their arms back.

March: moving quickly, angrily, with a purpose.

He marched into the room and accused her of lying to him.

Storm: moving (usually getting in or out) quickly.

Fuming at his wife, he stormed out of the house, without bothering to listen to her side of the story.



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