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words to express anger

To mean ‘a little angry’:


Words to express anger:

mad (+at/+about)

Our new teacher got mad when she realized that none of us have finished our homework.
Little Robin was mad at his mother for being put to bed when his other siblings were still playing.
I don’t know what he is mad about. He is just raving like a maniac for the past few hours.

annoyed (+with/at/by/about)

Mike gets annoyed if anyone uses his computer without his permission.
My mother got annoyed with me for having forgotten to pay the telephone bill.
She got annoyed by the constant noise from the construction site and closed her window.

Irritated (+with/by/at)

Use this when you are a little angry as well as impatient, especially if you think an annoying situation has continued for too long. So this word is a wee bit stronger in sense than annoyed.

The teacher got irritated at the students who were deliberately disrupting the class with meaningless and silly comments.
Mrs Sen got irritated by the constant spam mails in her inbox and decided to delete her account.

pissed off (+with/about/at)

This is an informal expression used to express mild anger, especially about something that someone has done.

Why are you pissed at him?
Diane got really pissed off with her roommate when she came back from her trip to find a messy apartment with leftovers on the carpet and on the table, dirty dishes in the sink and heaps of clothing on the floor.

frustrated (+with/at)

Use this to express anger and impatience, especially for recurring unpleasant incidents that you feel unable to change or control.

Frustrated at being stuck in traffic for more than half an hour, she decided to get off the taxi and walk home.


Words to express very strong anger:

furious (+with/at/about)

My mother was furious with the nanny for leaving the baby alone in the house.
He got furious at the false allegations that his boss made against him and decided to sue him.


Use it when you’re so angry that it is difficult for you to think clearly or speak properly.

She was absolutely livid when she saw the woman who had caused her son’s death.


Use this when you are extremely angry but unable or unwilling to show it.

Bobby drove home seething after his terrible humiliation at the party.


Extremely angry about something someone has done, and ready to react very strongly or violently.

The colonel was incensed that two of his juniors had not treated him properly.
Angry because something is unfair or wrong


Shawn was indignant at being told that he would have to wait three months to get a specialist’s appointment.


Use this to describe anger on something wrong, immoral or unfair.

The common people were outraged at the violent way the police mistreated the protesters.
The whole country was shocked and outraged at the incident of shooting in an elementary school.


Angry and upset about something unfair that someone has done to you.

Charlie feels bitter and resentful about the way he has been treated by his boss.

be sickened

To feel that a situation or someone’s behavior is terrible or wrong and wish that you could stop it.

The more I researched, I more sickened I got to learn about the exploitation going on in the company.

be disgusted

Disgusted at the corruption and hypocrisy of the political party he worked for, he quit.



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