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20 ways of saying ‘NO’!

My favourite is ‘nonononononono’ 🙂 Here are some you may use:

  • In a word, no.
  • Not now.
  • Not likely.
  • Not this time.
  • Count me out.
  • I’d rather not (if you don’t mind).
  • No chance.
  • I’ll opt out!
  • No way!
  • Can’t see myself doing this
  • This is simply not my thing.
  • I don’t think I’m up for this.
  • Ask me in a year.
  • Another time, maybe.
  • I’m sorry to let it go, but I have no choice.
  • I’d love to, but can’t!
  • I’ll have to pass this time.
  • I’d love to, but…
  • Doesn’t sound too appealing to me.
  • Thanks, but no thanks.


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