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Say NO to ‘free gifts.’ Avoid redundancy

What’s wrong with the following sentence?

She thinks these steps will be adequate enough to ensure security of the students.’

The error lies in using adequate and enough together. This makes it redundant. Redundant means repeating something and therefore making it unnecessary. Here are some examples of redundancy:

  • žfree gift (aren’t gifts always supposed to be free? 😛 )
  • žreturn back (returning means going back)
  • žprogress forward
  • žother alternatives
  • ževacuated out
  • žpenetrate through
  • žspeeding too fast
  • ža human person
  • žcharred black
  • žreiterate again
  • žsocialize together
  • žtwo twin towers
  • žyellow-colored shirt
  • PIN number (The N in PIN generally stands for the word ‘number’)


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