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‘above’ and ‘over’

Above and over can both mean higher than.

So here’s the difference that you need to keep in mind:

We use above when one thing is not directly over another.

You are not supposed to wear a skirt that goes above your knees. That’s the rule here.

Over is used when one thing covers or touches another.

You need to put on a coat over the jacket. It’s freezing outside.


  • Above is used in measuring temperature and height, or in other cases where we think of a vertical scale.

The temperature is three degrees above zero.
We are flying 8000 metres above sea level.

  • In a book or paper, above means written before.

The above rules and regulations apply to all students.
The documents mentioned above must be sent to the following address.


We usually use over to talk about ages and speed and to mean more than.

You have to be over 18 to enter the bar.
There were over five million people at the carnival.
The police said he was driving well over 110 mph.



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