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‘censor’ or ‘censure’?

›Censor = ban Censure = reprimand

‘amused’ or ‘bemused’?

Amused = to be entertained Bemused = to be confused  

‘rebut’ or ‘refute’?

›Rebut = to argue in response to another argument Her lawyer tried to rebut the testimony that the witness gave. Refute = to deny an argument/claim She refuted the allegations against her.

‘thankful’ or ‘grateful’?

Grateful is the normal word for people’s reactions to kindness, favours etc. Example: I’m very grateful for all your help. Thankful is used especially for feelings of relief at having avoided a danger or at having come through an unpleasant experience. Example: I’m thankful that we got home before the storm started.

‘Advice’ or ‘advise’? How to remember which to use

If you are confused regarding which to use, here’s a tip (click on the slide below):

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